Flick / Schexneider Genealogy 
everything you ever wanted to know about the Flick & Schexneider/Schexnayder surnames
- Flick
- Schexneider
- Wrono
- Phillips

- Remley
- Farley
- Varner
- Hargrave
- Simon
- Dailey
- Blumenfield
- Weiner
- Jacobs
- Glenn
- Knape
- Meyer
Welcome to the Flick/Schexneider Genealogy website!

Now on a new webhost!

I first started researching my family tree with my dad, in the 1970's. He and I would visit libraries researching the Flick surname. In the early 1980's computers began to be more commonplace and I began doing much of my research online, sharing information with other amateur genealogists. In those early days, mistakes were common, and documenting where you found your information was nearly unheard of. Dispite that, information flowed freely and we were able to make great headway building up our family trees.

Unfortunately, that's not the case anymore. People are much more diligent about documentation, but nearly every site now requires that you pay to even see other members trees. Then they want even more money if you want to see copies of census records, marriage certificates, etc...

Ancestry.com was one of the first to put up the paywall, but nearly all the others quickly followed. It's to the point now that genealogy research is becoming cost prohibitive for the amateurs like us who just love the hobby.

Because of this, I've spent quite a few years letting my research just sit. If you've followed my website, you will have noticed that it went many years with no updates. Recently though, I've become interested in it again.

I've spent some time thinking and trying to figure out what I can do to not only help myself, but others like me, in their research efforts.

I've decided that I want my website to be more like the early days of genealogy research, a free exchange of information, photos, documents, etc.

No paywall, no members only area, just a site where people can help each other find their roots. I hope to see people contributing to the content so that we can be the go-to spot for our cousins who want to find out more about their ancestors.

To that end, you will be seeing some changes to the web site in the coming months as I revamp it. I will be adding a forum where we can discuss our research and ask each other questions. There will be a area for downloading gedcom files, photos, census records, etc.

I will also take suggestions for interesting sections to add to the site. It will be mainly Flick and Schexneider related, with branches for related family names. I'm not going to try and make it into Cyndi's List, I just want to help my cousins with their research.